Meet The Characters


Aleksandr Jarid


Aleksandr lives in London, UK. Having a passion and fascination of history and how that is reflected in culture around the world, he focuses his writing on that view point.

He started his writing in an attempt to visualise aspects of emotion with his own personal journey experienced over the years. Very quickly understanding that this was his medium to deal with self reflection and growth.

“Writing gave me the door to help unravel the aspects that our brain cortex locks away, deep within us, to alter how we interact with others and the world around us. Fearful events, trauma and hurt that we do not process correctly can cause pain for those around us that care. It is very easy to project pain in others and our surroundings if we do not look within us first. It has now become a lifelong mission for me to become a better version of me and continue to value important lessons to always be learnt. Human interaction needs to always make us reflect and better ourselves.”

His career has spanned many backgrounds that he encompasses in his writing. Having being involved in the medical world, creative industries of film and music and also balancing his real passion of humanitarian work, he finds all those aspects as inspiration for his writing.

Focusing now on bringing all that his inner passion and reflection has taught him to share in his writing with others. He is embarking on writing a series of novels with a narrative of meaning and thought.

He is a keen health advocate and exercise enthusiast with an addiction to all things that taste like coffee!

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